Uri is forming a new start-up for collective well- being. Working with/for a network of talented practitioners  of collective well-being from across the globe.
Since 2022
BAMA MAPS's team has unique expertise in the fields of community building, organizational psychology, social arts and app development.
Eco-anxiety and polarization are increasing worldwide, resulting in an increased risk of burn-out and compassion fatigue among workers and clients-beneficiaries alike. This in turn create a negative feedback loop on our relationship with planet, each other and ourselves.

BAMA MAPS is envisioning a new app ecosystem and platform for personal and organisational wellbeing.  The platform facilitates collaborative mapping of deep experiences and insights that emerge from mindful activities in nature. It builds on research of the positive impacts of mindfulness, time in nature, and expressive arts in promoting wellbeing and implement open world game  dynamics to increase engagement and motivation.

It is a community-led research to co-sense and co-create global well-being at scale. Thus generating a dynamic knowledge map,unfolding in the space in-between individual awareness and collective stories, illuminating methods that contribute to creativity, mental health and self-awareness in diversity of settings and contexts.
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