Project LIFE
Uri has been consulting and facilitating as part of the ANCI Umbria project LIFE team. Iterating new pathways for social and work inclusion in the region of Umbria.
Since 2019
ANCI Umbria is the regional association of towns, joint in project LIFE to the region and other regional stakeholders.
The Objective of the project LIFE is to explore Individualized pathways to support the autonomy and socio-economic integration of migrants in the region, with particular reference to vulnerable individuals, such as women, young people, asylum seekers or holders of international protection.

Uri's actions with ANCI UMBRIA team include :

Implementation of interventions for the emergence of migrants' formal, informal and nonformal skills.

Activation of innovative and experimental paths to encourage and foster self-enterprise, and the co-design of business ideas.

Facilitate workshops to promote the meeting of different knowledge and cultures, etc.
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